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Here is our solution to the problem of fast fashion and waste!

What’s so special about out app?

Bli Bli = one solution to many problems

Seller’s perspective

The seller is connected directly to the customer via an easy-to-use platform. The payment and meeting with the customer is guaranteed.

Customer’s perspective

No shipping costs! Cheap clothes can actually be bought for cheap. The second hand shopping experience is made user-friendly and the customer has many tools in place to find the perfect match.


All while staying 100% local and sustainable

Pollution due to transportation is largely reduced, all while promoting local stores. It’s a win-win!


Environmental perspective

Battling CO2 on three fronts!

The production of a new pair of jeans emits 33.4kg of CO2.

A trip from Europe to the Dandora landfill in Kenya produces 127kg of CO2.

Sending a parcel from Switzerland to the United States produces 4000kg of CO2.

With Bli Bli all these CO2 emissions are eliminated!

UN sustainability goals

Our solution perfectly illustrates Responsible Constumption and Climate Action, two of the UN’s sustainable developpment goals.

By encouraging people to extend the life of their clothes, we’re promoting more responsible consumption, which has a direct impact on climate change. Our app offers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, which, being the 2nd most polluting industry on the world after the fossil fuels industry, needs to be stopped.

Our platform puts local stores first, thus contributing to the creation of Sustainable cities and Communities.

At the same time, since less clothes are being thrown away to landfills, our project positively impacts Life on Land and Below Water.

Why Bli Bli?

As can be seen, there is not yet a sustainable solution for the resale of Fast Fashion that combines the elements below. Our solution has the smallest carbon footprint compared to others and emphasizes the local economy.

Moreover, there is no other platform that works the same way as ours. We bring an innovative solution that is ecological, sustainable and useful for consumers, the economy and the environment, and that can be replicated all over the world.

Bli Bli Table comparison

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